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 Big Mohawk Party Fishing Boat



We will be headed out tomorrow for black fish at 7am

Daily Fishing TRIPS

The fish listed above are what we go out for on The Big Mohawk fishing trips. We are not limited to just catching fluke in the summer, you may catch sea bass or other varieties of fish. We just gear up for fluke because they are seasonal for catching allowances. The Big Mohawk does Evening Boat Charters(link to boat charter page) for groups that are interested in fishing for different types of fish.

Our rates for our daily fishing trips are as follows:
Adults  $70.00
Seniors (Monday - Friday only)  $65.00
Children (Under 12)  $35.00
Rod Rentals  $5.00

The Big Mohawk, goes out on daily fishing trips that usually depart at 7:00am and arrive back to the Belmar Marine Basin at 3:00pm. Departure times may vary, check back here to see current departure times. The type of fish we catch depends on the time of year. Here is a list of our seasonal fishing:

May - September: We go out for Fluke.
September - November: Yields Sea Bass and Porgy.
November - January: Our Blackfish season starts on November 15th. You have the option to bring your own bait on these trips, for those anglers that like to bring their own secret bait. Good for other wreckfish as well
February: We fish for Blackfish, Ling, and Cod.
April: Once again, our main fish is the Blackfish.