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 Big Mohawk Party Fishing Boat

Wednesday September 12

​ No fishing today and we are going to pass on tomorrow. Calling for a big ground swell and conditions don’t look favorable to catch em up!

​ We had a decent day of Fluke fishing today on the Mohawk. There were limits on board and the pool winner weighed in around 8 lbs. We are keeping an eye on the weekend weather and hopefully we can get tomorrow in. It doesn’t look like the wind will pick up until tomorrow late afternoon. We will head down in the morning and check it out. We will update you if anything changes! 6:30am departure.

Sunday September 16, 2018

Fishing was picky today. We managed a few fish everywhere we went. We had some nice quality fish with the pool winner being 8.12 lbs and the runner up 9.8 lbs. The ocean has taken its time to settle down. We had a lot of wind last week, and the good news is that there are still some Fluke around. We will depart at 6:30am Monday. At this point Tuesday is ????. See you in the morning! “Catch em up”

September 5, 2018

​ Ok fishing, not as good as yesterday but we did have some nice fish coming over the rail. The pool winner was around 8 lbs. We had a few limits on board. We will depart at 6:30 tomorrow. See you on boa


Thursday September 20, 2018

Breezy morning, which made conditions a little tough early today. We picked a few everywhere we went. Some guys had limits and the pool fish was 10.1 lb so there are still some big fish around. 630am departure Friday and Saturday. See you then.

Sunday September 16, 2018

​We are out and fishing for Fluke.  We have caught some fluke, which is a good sign.  
The ocean has calmed down considerably and is conditions look even better for tomorrow as the water cleans up after the storm.  We will head out at 6:30 am.  Remember our fluke days are numbered.  Come on down.  We will update you later.

September 2, 2018

 We made the right decision by waiting another day. We had some very nice size fish coming over the rail today. We had a 10.9 lb, 10.7 lb and a 9.12 Fluke today. We got off to a real good start this morning and ended up picking at them thru out the day. A lot of guys got limits. 6:30am tomorrow. See you on board.

September 4, 2018

​The Big Mohawk had a solid day of Fluke fishing today. There were limits around the boat. Some did better than others. The pool winner was 11 lb 1 oz and we had about a dozen fish between 6 an 8 lbs. All and all a good day. 6:30am departure tomorrow.

May 16, 2018​
 Today was a nice day out on the water. Some guys did pretty good, while some had only a few. There was quite a bit of short action in certain spots. Overall we ended up doing ok. Conditions look good for tomorrow. We will depart at 6am and we do have some spots available! See you in the am!.

September 6,2018

We had a good day of Fluke fishing today. Better than yesterday. Guys had limits. The pool winner was around 7 lbs. Tomorrow we should be fine! There maybe a few showers but the wind should not pick up until tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday do not look to good at this point. See you in the am.

Monday September 17, 2018

Picky fishing today, but we still managed to land some nice quality fluke. A couple of guys had limits and the pool winner was 9 lb 12 oz. Evidence that there are still some nice fish around. We will depart again on Wednesday morning at 6:30am. See you on board.

September 3,2018

​ We picked at them today. We did have some nice fish. The pool fish was around 8.5 lbs. Several guys had limits. We will depart at 6:30 all week. See you on board.


Saturday September 15, 2018

​We are out today with our annual charter  TROOPERS ASSISTING TROOPS.  The ocean has calmed down considerably and the weather for Sunday looks very good. We will depart 6:30 am.  Come on down.  We only have one more week to fish for Fluke!   See you in the morning!

​August 30, 2018

Nice day on the ocean today. The fishing was best early and then settled to a pick. A lot of guys with limits early and the pool fish around 7lbs. Tomorrow the weather looks a little to breezy for how I want to do it so I'm going to take a pass. The rest of the weekend looks good! See you then. 6am departure Sat.

August  31, 2018

 I would like to tell you in good conscious  that if we went tomorrow, we would catch something, but I do not think that is the case.  Conditions look tough for tomorrow, so we will be taking a pass and head out on Sunday morning.  See you then!



​We have a charter tomorrow. We will be back in action for Fluke on Sunday and Monday and we will depart at 6:30am. See you then!

September 11, 2018

Update. We are looking for a break in the weather and we are hoping for Thursday. We are not going out tomorrow because the ocean is still turned up. We will keep you updated!

​Tuesday September 18, 2018

​We will be headed out tomorrow at 6:30 am. The wind should be out of the north and drop out as the day goes on. Conditions look very favorable to catch Fluke. The season ends on Saturday so our days are limited. We have gotten done nice quality fish over the past few days. Come on down.

August 29, 2018

​Very good day of Fluke fishing today. Quite a few limits on board. The pool fish was just over 9 lbs. We had a lot of Sea Bass in the mix. The weather for tomorrow looks great. 6am departure. Friday’s weather is a question.

Wednesday September 19, 2018

​We had a nice day today on the ocean. The swell finally went away. The conditions where good and a lot of guys got their limit. The pool fish was about 6lbs, and there was a decent amount of short life.The fish where in different depths, but the best was 70ft. We will be leaving at 6:30 for the next 3 days. See you then. “Catch em up