August 15, 2018

We had a decent day of Fluke Fishing on the Big Mohawk. 6am departure tomorrow.

August 16, 2018

 We got out early again today and it payed off. Guys had limits early and there were some
good size fish again today. The spinners had a big advantage and they cashed in. We will depart at 6am the rest of the week. See you on board.


August 11, 2018​

​We got off to a nice early start again this morning and the fish were biting as soon as we left the inlet. Conditions were very good for the first couple of hours and then we had some NW wind come up along with the tide and made the drift pretty quick for awhile. We caught some, but it should have been better in that time period. Fishing picked up again at the end of the day. Guys had limits and the short life was pretty good. There are some showers in the forecast tomorrow. The wind is fine and everything looks good! 6am departure. Make sure to get a ticket as soon as you get to the boat! See you on board!

August 6, 2018

​ We got off to a nice early start today, which was again,very helpful. We had a lot of guys with limits and the action was decent. There were not as many shorts, but again we had a lot of good quality fish come over the rail. We will do the same thing tomorrow. 6am departure or earlier and get that early start. Make sure you get a ticket as soon as you arrive. Please get down early and let’s go fishing!


August 14, 2018

​The ocean settled down nicely, it was a beautiful day and we ended up putting together a nice catch. A lot of limits on board, with some nice size Sea Bass in the mix too. 6am departure all week! See you on board.


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 Big Mohawk Party Fishing Boat

​August 8, 2018

We had a good day of fishing today with some real nice fish coming on board. A lot of guys had limits, with the pool fish tipping the scales at 9lbs 8 oz., and the runner up was 9lbs 6oz. 6am departure tomorrow, make sure to get your ticket before you leave the boat.

August 12, 2018

​ Good day today. We had a lot of limits early, and a good amount of shorts to keep busy. Good quality fish today with a lot of those in the 3 to 5lb range. The weatherman says there is a chance of a shower tomorrow. We have some guys coming down so we will be headed out. We have a charter on Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvenience, we will head out at 6am every other day this week!

August 13, 2018

I am glad that we decided not to sail today. We did have guys there this morning but I elected not to go due to the weather that was not called for. They called for 5 but when we got there it was blowing 15 to 20. We have a charter tomorrow, but will be back at it on Wed. At 6am. See you on board.

May 16, 2018​
 Today was a nice day out on the water. Some guys did pretty good, while some had only a few. There was quite a bit of short action in certain spots. Overall we ended up doing ok. Conditions look good for tomorrow. We will depart at 6am and we do have some spots available! See you in the am!.

August 10, 2018

Fishing was ok today. We had some good size fish again today with those nice 3 to 5 lb fish coming over the rail.  

The weather looks good for Saturday.  A little rain in the morning , no wind.  We are good to go! The best part of the day has been the early morning. 6am departure all weekend.


August 9, 2018

​We got off to a nice early start today. Guys had limits early. The best fishing definitely took place in the beginning of the day, then we picked away after that. We will be departing until 6am until further notice.