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 Big Mohawk Party Fishing Boat

​July 21, 2018

We managed some keepers yesterday.  The best fishing was early,  then the weather turned.  Some guys did manage limits.  Considering the conditions, we did ok.  We will not be sailing on Monday.  Stay tuned tor updates.

July 14, 2018
 Nice day on the ocean again! In fact, it was almost a little to nice. Three was not much drift, but we still managed to get some nice fish. Guys had limits and the pool fish was around 7 lbs. 6am departure tomorrow and Monday. See you then

July 15, 2018

​The Big Mohawk reports that fishing was decent today! We had a good amount of Fluke coming over the rail, both keepers and shorts. We had a lot of limits with some nice quality fish in the mix. The jig was the best. We didn't have anyone dragging bait. We will depart at 6am tomorrow Tuesday is a ? At this point.


July 18, 2018
It was a beautiful day today on the ocean and another good day of Fluke fishing. The pool fish was right around 7 1/2 lbs. There were plenty of guys with limits. We will depart at 6am tomorrow and the rest of the week.​

May 16, 2018​
 Today was a nice day out on the water. Some guys did pretty good, while some had only a few. There was quite a bit of short action in certain spots. Overall we ended up doing ok. Conditions look good for tomorrow. We will depart at 6am and we do have some spots available! See you in the am!.

July 16, 2018.   Fishing was good today. We had a lot of nice fishing coming over the rail. Pool winner was around 7 1/2 lbs. and we had a good amount of fish in the 3 to 6 lb range. We will not be sailing tomorrow so we are going to take a pass and we will get right back on it Wednesday morning at 6am. We will be departing at 6am all week.



July 19, 2018
 Tough start today but when conditions got better so did the fishing. We managed to put together a nice catch but it took time and effort. It was very fast in the morning but most people adjusted to the bad conditions and managed some. Fishing totally improved as the day went on and the jigs got at them pretty good at times. The Pool fish was around 7 pounds and we also had some other nice ones in that range 6 am departure tomorrow see you then.

July 13, 2018

​ It was a beautiful day on the ocean. Our early early departure made a big difference. We were on the fish early, with a good amount of guys getting their limits. I'm not going to color it, fishing was a lot of work on their end as well as mine. We fished hard and it made a big difference and as usual the guys with spinners and gulp did the best. 6am departure tomorrow and Sunday. “Catch em up”

July 20, 2018

Today was a really nice day with good results. Fishing was good with the pool winner around 9lbs. We had a lot of guys with limits and we had good quality fish mixed in. We are going tomorrow and plan to get an early start. It should help a lot leaving at 6am. See you then! “Catch em up”